What Are Cavity Drainage Systems?

Cavity drainage systems are one of the most common methods of waterproofing new and existing basement structures. They work on the principle of managing water movement rather than preventing it making this type of system particularly well suited for older buildings and buildings that are too weak to hold back pressurised groundwater.

A cavity drainage system uses studded membranes that are applied to wall and floor surfaces. Their studded profile forms a void that allows water to freely run to the base of walls into subfloor drainage channels. The drainage channels then lead to a sump chamber that is located below the level of the floor. As water runs through this system, the sump chamber collects it. Once water reaches a certain level, a pump will automatically operate and pump out the water to a suitable external drainage location.

Membranes are then hidden behind wall and floor linings allowing underground rooms to be transformed into dry, habitable space.

Our qualified and skilled team have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, installing and maintaining cavity drainage systems using the best products from industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers. Our close working relationship with our suppliers allows us to deliver a level of quality and trust directly from manufacturers to our clients giving peace of mind that the job is undertaken correctly, as it should be.

We have NEVER had a waterproofing system failure due to design or installation errors on our part in over 25 years!