Ground gas protection measures are often specified in conjunction with waterproofing systems. This is because below ground areas can be susceptible to the ingress of gasses from the ground. These gasses may include methane, radon, CO2 as well as others. Ground gasses can present a risk to the occupants of a building by contaminating the below-ground environment. Longterm exposure to some ground gasses can pose a health risk.

We are able to apply ground gas membrane barriers both with or without waterproofing systems and repair existing barrier systems.


A vapour barrier is a membrane designed to prevent the migration of moisture vapour. These are often installed between warm, heated and/or humid spaces and cool, poorly ventilated spaces. Without them, there is a risk of condensation related problems in certain situations.

We are able to apply sheet and liquid applied vapour barrier membranes with or without waterproofing systems as part of a humidity control system.